About The Owner Treauna Long

 Committed to Beauty and Self Love

My name is Treauna, I’m also known as Trey!! I am a free spirited individual and I love to empower you to be your best you! I am a loving mother of 2 and expecting twins October 2022!! I've been in the brow game for 5 years now!! I took my first course in 2017, in that same course, I had my eyebrows microbladed! It changed my life forever! Was I scared to get them done? Absolutely! Was I was nervous to  take a course I had no experience in and pay out of pocket? Absolutely! But had I let fear overtake me, that feeling of empowerment and undeniable beauty would have been in my shadow for however long! I took a leap of a faith! In doing so, it put a passion so deep inside of me. I had to learn more to provide this service for women all around the world!

Now, I am licensed and 8x certified! When you come in to get your eyebrows done, you can expect a vibe like no other. We can have girl talk or you can take a nap! The choice is yours! It’s that zen! I look forward to meeting you!