How long does it take? 3-4 hours for the Initial visit and 1.5-2 hours for the 6-8 week Touch up.


How long does it last? 1-3 years with touch up.


Is it painful? Most clients fall asleep. Numbing agents are used.


How long is healing? About 14 days. You’ll experience light scabbing and itching. Heals like a tattoo. 


Can I choose my shape? Yes, absolutely. You will see your shape before the service is started. 


Do I need to shave my eyebrow hair? No, please come in as full as possible. 


Can I still get my brows waxed/threaded afterwards? Yes, please wait at least 14 days before doing so. 


I have previous permanent eyebrow work, can I still be serviced? Please send a clear picture to 763-267-5842 for a consult.